Tinnitus - Mesa boogie based overdrive/distortion


Loosely based on a Mesa/Boogie amp topology, this overdrive/distortion pedal really kicks it up a notch. The preamp is a familiar sounding overdrive for those bluesy kind of rhythms, adds just a little edge to your existing tone (or a fair amount of compression and overdrive). The Treble, Middle, Bass (TMB) tone stack is active. 12 o'clock on the tone pots is unison then you can cut/boost as you need. The next section is where it gets fun. The red knob. This is a high headroom clean boost (-9 to 18v rail to rail for you circuit nerds). Tube meltingly loud but don't worry, there is a pair of high forward voltage clipping diodes stopping you from blowing up your amp. So go nuts, dime it and shred. The final Master control helps to tame a wicked beast.