Dryve - Your always on overdrive pedal


Guitar pedal combining overdrive, wet/dry mix and an active EQ.

Described by players as “versatile” and “flexible”.

Designed from the ground up as an always on guitar pedal. Use the wet dry to blend in some clean tone for the ultimate “transparent” sound. The active EQ provides a tilt control to sweep from bass boost to treble boost but the magic is in the mid control. Active mid control to boost/cut right in the sweet spot. Bring out the attack and chime of any guitar. Really push your solos or sit back in the mix for a smooth rhythm sound.

Carefully designed to make your guitar sound good through any amp, with any pickups. Stacks well before and after other pedals thanks to the opamp input and transistor output. Soft clipping diodes tame the harshness found in other gain pedals.

This polite overdrive will help you sculpt your sound for the ultimate in tonal variety. Best played through a clean to edge of breakup amp.