NAFF Fuzz - Fuzz Face but wrapped in a buffer


Seems like everyone builds a fuzz. So I thought, “not another f’n fuzz”. But this isn’t just a fuzz.

Vintage Fuzz Face inspired but with a buffers on the front and back. Impedance matched for reducing tone suck, stackable before and after other pedals, it doesn’t need to “see” the pickups.

Germanium transistors that are socketed to allow for swaps, internal bias adjustment potentiometer, external bias for second transistor to sweep from full clear tone to gated, spitty breakup. Add a tone cut to smooth out the harsh overtones and a master volume to rein in a hairy beast and you have not just another f’n fuzz.

Powered by a standard center negative plug (no battery clip), internal power conversion to -9v for PNP transistors. Swap out your favorite vintage PNPs, adjust the bias and away we go.

Out of the box you might think it’s quiet, you just have to find the sweet spot on the bias to dial in the perfect tone for your rig.