40 Fuzz Distortion


The Hoopla Pedals 40 Fuzz Distortion is a four transistor fuzz with the addition of hard-clipping diodes.

This is a unique design, not a clone. Ground up design and custom circuit. Hand selected transistors with matched resistors for optimal sound.

The Gain control dials up the amount of fuzzy gain. Solid transistor saturation and volume. Very similar to your favorite germanium fuzz pedals from the 60s but this is where the similarity ends.

The Boost control adds voltage creating a bias voltage when combined with your guitar signal. This turns the next transistor into a voltage controlled amplifier. Super dynamic, touch sensitive and easily controlled with your guitars volume knob.

Crank the Boost up and your signal gets clipped by a set of diodes giving that saturated distortion sound we all know and love.

No need for a tone control. You have one of those on your guitar (probably).

Volume control included so you don't have to apologize to your band mates after ripping their faces off with a solo!